The Future of the Internet Lies in the Use of Mobile

Are you related with web world? Do you have an online business? Have you ever heard about the virtual world of the internet? E-commerce, Social media, Cloud Computing and Responsive Web Designs are already familiar phrases. The latest to join the list is Mobile Commerce. It is the upcoming of Smartphones that have brought a drastic change in the world of mobile phone users. Going by what studies have to indicate, mobile phone users have a vast potential market paving way forMobile Web Development Services.

It seems that technological world has changed completely in the last few years paving way for new opportunities. Web space is growing fantastically year after year. If industry experts are to be believed Mobile Commerce is here to stay for a long time. Statistics indicate sky rocketing growth just a few years down the line. According to the study conducted by Coda Research Consultancy, the sales of mobile will rise up to more than 8.5 percent by the year 2015.  With user friendly mobile apps on the way and people showing more familiarity with mobile net usage, Mobile Commerce seems to be the latest trend.

There are a few factors that have contributed to the popularity of E-Commerce. Some of them are attractive discounts, easy access and convenience.  Just imagine yourself placing an order for a product of your choice by using mobile phone. It goes without saying mobile phones are ubiquitous and have worked more than a medium to stay connected to near and dear ones.

Here are a few Mobile Commerce Trends that you can consider:

  1. Mobile devices are used widely for getting product information or reviews
  2. Although the concept of near filed communication is relatively new but has created a mark because it allows customers interact with the objects of the real world such as clothes and shops.
  3. There has been a notable rise in the usage of social media on mobile phones.  It is the recommendations as well as reviews regarding the social media has lead to the rise in demand for mobile devices more than ever.
  4. Advertising through mobile phone is considered extremely reliable an option for reaching out to maximum potential customer base.
  5. Shopping apps have become the latest trend.

MobileCommerce – Summing up of Info-graphic

  1. 81 percent people make use of mobile phones for internet surfing and social networking and 77 percent make use of it for searching information.
  2. Of 7 billion people, approximately 5.9 billion people make use of it mobile phones.
  3. According to the latest study, approximately 1 in every search is made making use of mobile phone.
  4.  In the last three years, more than 300,000 apps have been developed and approximately 10.9 billion have been downloaded so far.
  5. Since 2009, the number of Facebook users has increased from 50 million to 200 million in 2011.

The above slated stats clearly indicate the rising popularity of mobile phones. Mobile Web Design Company plays a vital role in designing and developing mobile based websites. Om Web Technologies is a leading Web design India Company rendering cost-effective and user friendly mobile website designing solutions.

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