Four Errors in Mobile Website Designing

Have you ever thought of the reasons that make one mobile website easy to understand as well as navigate whereas other websites are quite easy to forget and hate? UI, User Interface, plays a vital role and makes a huge difference making it possible for you to have repeated customers. Unless you have high traffic and customers to your website, you cannot make the most of your business. Reading this post you will get to know the techniques that will help you in identifying the ways that can make your users experience extremely wonderful. Real benefits are what you need when running online business. Some of the most common queries are given below:

  • What are some of the most sought after practices for mobile user experience?
  • Is there something wrong with mobile version of website?
  • What are the reasons for low traffic to the mobile version of website?

When you hire Responsive Web Design Company then you can be assured to best of the services. However, given below are the ten reasons that exemplify things that can go wrong with mobile version websites:

1. Small Screen Considerations

Mobile devices are comparatively smaller in size leaving you with restricted space. When it comes to optimisation of mobile websites then it is more about limiting as well as prioritizing the content that has to be displayed. Users are short on patience, and thus they do not prefer waiting for pages to take long time to load so is the fact that mobile-website-designthey find equally tough to read details.   Hence, it is essential that you place important content along with relevant call-to-action buttons. The position of CTA should be thumb reach. It should be not only easily accessible, bright and big.

2. Miniaturization Vs Mobilization

There are many webmasters who are having limited knowledge of optimization. Thus they think that creating smaller components of website can solve several issues. This makes the view narrower making user experience as well usability taking the backseat. When it comes to mobile optimization, it is not only about making graphics smaller. It is how well you understand mobilization and miniaturization that decides where application or website will be ranking.

3. Ignore not Platform UX

There are many mobile development companies that invest in huge amount of money in research and development for creating user friendly interfaces. They spend a lot of time in studying mobile devices and building software in a manner that users are aware when they can go back and swipe.

4. Finger Friendly Design

Once you have established where CTS has to be placed, it becomes easy for you to plan the User Interface for several other buttons. As a matter of fact, even the smallest button on the screen is a touch target. It seeks more effort and attention, and thus can lead to errors.

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